How to tell if it's a gold jewel

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While walking, you found an object on the ground that seems to be made of gold, but you are not near a jewelry store and the curiosity to understand what metal it is assails you!

Here are some tests for you!

First test look for punching! In Italy, gold jewelery must be marked with a mark that specifies the quantity of gold present, it is expressed in thousandths and the most common is 750. The hallmarking is not highlighted too much so as not to affect the aesthetics of the jewelery so look for it with calm!

The second test is that of the magnet. One of those that close the bags can also be fine. Once the object is brought close to the magnet, if it is attracted, it is metals other than gold, otherwise if nothing happens it could be gold but it is not a 100% reliable test because there are also other metals that are not subject to magnetism.

These are simple tests that do not damage the object, there are others that need to be done with caution because they can damage it.

One is the bite test. gold is a soft metal that is combined with other alloys to increase hardness and prevent it from being damaged by rubbing, therefore biting the object or trying to bend it with pliers should damage it, the more easily it is damaged the greater quantity of gold c 'he's in the league.

The last test is that of ceramics. You take the object and rub it on an unglazed or coated ceramic plate. If it leaves a black trace then it is a fake. If the trace is golden then you have most likely found a gold jewel. Be careful with this test, both the object and the plate could be ruined!

None of these tests are 100% sure, to be sure you need to turn to an expert who with the reagent test will be able to say with certainty whether that small object found is gold or a fake!


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