How to store coral jewelry

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BE CAREFUL about how we store coral jewelry.

Coral is organic and natural in nature and therefore extremely delicate, therefore exposure to direct light or intense heat is prohibited and remember to be careful with creams, soaps, sweat and perfumes.

I will never tire of saying it about perfumes: first the perfume, then the jewels.

From time to time it is possible to clean your coral jewel at home with a dry or slightly damp natural fiber cloth without using soaps or detergents or at most if very dirty with a minimum quantity of neutral detergent, making sure it is not too aggressive and rinsing it immediately , this is a very risky operation.

If you have inherited a coral jewel that shows the signs of aging, it is best to take it to your trusted jeweler to avoid the risk of irreparably damaging a jewel of high emotional and economic value.


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