Gioiellitaly is an e-commerce that was born from the idea had in 2019 by Pierluigi Raiola, a jeweler with twenty years of experience in the field of jewelry and who represents the third generation of his family in the sector. After years of experience in the family boutique, he decided to start his own project completely dedicated to online and Made in Italy jewellery.
To support and accompany him on this work and life journey, his partner, an expert in global marketing and Made in Italy.

They embraced this project as it took shape (not only in the mind of the creator but also concretely in reality) various expert figures in different sectors who still assist the work so that the expectations and requests of all customers can be met . has been online since February 2022, acquiring to date the trust of Partners, Brands, Designers and Artisans in Italy and thousands of customers all over the world.

MISSION is not just a site but a project. We unite producers to bring back Made in Italy in the jewelery sector, characterized by traditional craftsmanship, an excellence appreciated all over the world.


We want to become the point of reference for all those who appreciate Made in Italy jewellery.

Why choose

Made in Italy

Our products are all Made in Italy. In addition to certified suppliers who guarantee the origin of the product, we also make use of the collaboration of artisans who with their art produce unique objects with attention to the smallest details with different materials. Buying Made in Italy does not only mean supporting the economy and our beautiful country, but also having a guarantee of quality, excellence and safety.

Our values

Our values guide our lives, but also our work. Through the jewels we offer, we want in our small way to highlight concepts that are of inclusion, the fight against violence and discrimination and environmental protection.

Choose your style

We try to always have a wide selection of jewels available in order to satisfy all styles. We are convinced that everyone is unique and must be able to express themselves freely.

Experience and Knowledge

With twenty years of experience and constant updating we can offer an optimal service calibrated to your needs, with the professionalism and friendliness that distinguish us. Furthermore, our team is able to evaluate the quality of the products and their details thanks to the knowledge of the sector.

Ask an expert

Gioellitaly experts are ready to help you choose for your special occasion or for all your needs. Let us know if you would like an opinion or suggestion and our experts will be more than happy to assist you. To submit a requestclick here

Different payment methods

To make your experience with us as smooth as possible, we are trying to make the buying process as smooth as possible. We provide several payment methods so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Cruelty free

Our products are crafted only with metals and precious stones mined in an ethical and regulated manner and do not come from war zones.