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The "Fidelitaly" promotional initiative is valid for all purchases made by individuals in Italy and abroad online from the e-commerce site.


The "Fidelitaly" promotional initiative is valid from 02/14/2022 to 12/31/2023. The Promoter reserves the right to extend the initiative by communicating it to users through the means it deems most appropriate, including the site, email marketing, social networks and with all the additional methods it will define.


The promotional initiative will be advertised in the manner that the Promoter deems most appropriate, such as advertisements on the web and on social networks. The advertising messages that will communicate the initiative to its recipients will be consistent with this regulation.


This regulation is present on the website.


Only customers registered on the site can participate in the points collection initiative. Registration allows access to all promotional and loyalty initiatives that the Promoter will decide to initiate. For the purposes of this competition, registration is a necessary requirement to accumulate and redeem points.


During the promotional period, from 14/02/2022 to 31/12/2023, all registered customers who make a purchase from the site will be able to accumulate points as follows:

- one point will be awarded for each euro spent (1 € = 1point).

The points will be awarded only when the courier actually delivers the product to the end customer. During the initiative, the Promoter may provide for the disbursement of extra points for the purchase of certain products. This will be communicated on the site and by all means of communication that the Promoter deems suitable.

By accessing the Customer Area you can check the total points accumulated.


In case of order cancellation, return or refund, the points will not be credited. If the points have already been paid, the Promoter will cancel them from the points balance held.

The repair and / or modification of the products do not contribute to the initiative. Points cannot be assigned or transferred to another account even if owned by the same person.

The cancellation of the account from the site automatically entails the loss of all the benefits acquired.

For any further information write to


Based on the number of points accumulated, the holder will be granted a discount on the purchase equal to one euro cent for each point used (1 point = € 0.01). The minimum number of points necessary for the delivery of the voucher is 20 (twenty). The points obtained during the validity period of this promotional initiative must be used by 30/06/2024. To use the points you will need to convert them into a voucher in two ways:

- from your Customer Area; once converted it will be displayed in the cart as a discount with the wording "Fedeltà";

- at the moment of purchase in the cart, by clicking on the appropriate box and it will automatically be displayed in the cart as a discount with the words "Fedeltà".

Partial use of the points is not possible, but they will be fully converted into a single voucher when the Customer decides. Vouchers can be used on a minimum order of € 50 and only if the value of the cart is greater than the total of the voucher (s). If the points are redeemed, but the voucher is not used immediately, it can be used at a later time. It will automatically be added to your cart upon checkout.

The personal history of points and vouchers (with their relative deadlines) can be consulted in the customer area reserved under the heading "MY LOYALTY POINTS".

Unused points when they expire will be lost. The Promoter reserves the right to check that the Client has participated in compliance or not with this regulation. In this case, the Customer will not be able to benefit from the discounts obtained illegally or fraudulently.

By participating in this promotional initiative, consumers accept this regulation unconditionally and in full.


Any modification or integration that must be made to these regulations by the Promoter, will be brought to the attention of the Customers with an adequate information communication that will be published in the appropriate area on the website or with any additional methods that the Subject Promoter reserves the right to decide. The Promoter declares, in any case, that any changes will not cause an infringement of the rights acquired by the participants.


For information on the "Fidelitaly" initiative and for any requests for assistance, you can write to or contact us from the site with the appropriate form or from the instant chat.


The personal data provided or otherwise acquired when registering on the site will be treated in compliance with current legislation and the principles of correctness, lawfulness, transparency and protection of confidentiality provided for by it. For more information visit our privacy policy.


The Promoting Entity assumes no responsibility for any access problem, impediment, malfunction or difficulty concerning the technical tools, the computer, the cables, the electronics, the software and the hardware, the transmission and the connection, the telephone line. , the Internet connection that may prevent participants from accessing the promoter's website. The Promoter assumes no responsibility in the event of non-delivery of communications caused by the indication of incorrect or untruthful email addresses and / or personal data by the participants.

The Promoter does not assume responsibility for postal problems. The Promoter can in no case be held responsible for any problems arising during the use of the discounts and cannot be held responsible for improper use by the participants. In the event of inefficiencies, failures or malfunctions, the contractual clauses of the supplier / manufacturer / distributor and the relative limitations or extensions referring to the clauses attached to the discount apply. The use of points is absolutely optional and product purchases can be made without necessarily joining or using the points.

For any dispute, this regulation is valid. For any dispute or aspect not expressly specified, Italian law applies.