The Corporate Social Responsibility (or CSR - Corporate Social Responsability) is a voluntary practice implemented by companies to integrate environmental concerns in their interest. The concept has its roots in the 2001 European Commission Green Paper, OECD guidelines, UN guiding principles and ILO Conventions. Over the years, more companies have embraced this concept, making it an accepted practice and, at the same time, the guidelines have evolved.

Mainly CSR takes into consideration some fundamental aspects of the activity of a company such as

- Create favorable conditions for sustainable growth

- Assume an ethical and responsible behavior

- Promote the creation of sustainable employment in the medium and long term

- give value to the human capital and health of its employees

- pay attention to the territorial communities in which they operate.

It is also introduced the important concept of stakeholders. This category includes all those who are involved in business processes, undergoing decisions or contributing to the production process: suppliers, customers, collaborators, partners, communities and local institutions.

Furthermore, the responsibility does not stop with the action of the company, but extends to the entire supply chain. In this way, attention is also put into the processes implemented by suppliers and what effects are produced with one's actions and on whom are taken into account.

Periodically, in addition to the accounting one, many companies draw up a balance sheet called "Social Report" with which they communicate the actions taken and their effects.


Gioiellitaly undertakes, as far as possible, to obtain supplies from producers who certify the use of materials that don’t contribute to the financing of conflicts, respect the laws, regulations and national and international conventions in force, as well as sanctions and resolutions of the United Nations.

What we want to promote is the use of materials that are extracted in a responsible way, that is, those that are affected by armed conflicts as little as possible. At the same time, it ensures that suppliers process these materials according to responsible procedures throughout the production chain.

The "Conflict diamonds" or "Blood diamonds" are the rough gemstones used by the rebels of some countries of the world to finance their wars against legitimate governments. To stem this phenomenon, governments, industry and civil society have undertaken an initiative, called the Kimberley Process, to stop the flow of blood diamonds through an international certification system. Gioiellitaly, within the limits of its possibilities, undertakes to obtain supplies from producers who use processed stones from countries that adhere to this initiative.


Environmental sustainability is fundamental for us. We try to minimize any waste within the company and have equipped ourselves with recyclable packaging.

At the same time, we are constantly looking for innovative solutions to combine practicality, style and environmental sustainability.

We have many ideas about it, so keep following us to get to know them all!


The respect and dignity of individuals comes before any relationship is established is at the basis of the action of gioiellitaly. We don’t discriminate on the basis of race, faith, colour, physical or mental disability, religion, sex, sexual orientation, sexual identity / expression, nationality, origins, seniority or age, personal or family situation.

Insofar as we can in our small way, we try to support the battles that have as their purpose the acquisition of rights towards a more equitable and right society.


Gioiellitaly is not only an ecommerce and a brand, but it is also a project that embodies ideals and values. Among these is the repudiation of all forms of violence. We have therefore created a variation of our "Spread Love" ring with two heart-cut red spinel stones. Part of the proceeds from the sales will be donated to the "Ti Ascolto" anti-violence center which operates in the province of Naples every day. concretely, giving support and help to women victims of violence.


In addition to giving value to the entire national territory, we want to include the territory in which we live in our processes. This is why we are starting collaboration paths with art schools, workshops, artisans and jewellery schools.


With the purpose to include the community and to encourage the development of talents, we have started negotiations with numerous schools in order to launch projects aimed at enhancing students.

We go to high school and specialist schools to be able to present our project and create contests. This allows young people to test themselves, gain experience and make their name known.


With a view to community inclusion and talent growth, we have entered into negotiations with numerous schools in order to launch projects aimed at enhancing the value of students.

We go to high school and specialized to be able to present our project and create contests. This allows young people to test themselves, gain experience and make their name known. 


Our collections, with jewelery brand, are all signed by jewel designers. We are always looking for new talents to give a little space on our website and in the jewellery world, regardless of age, training and experience. You will always find the name of the person who designed the jewel collection. Why? Because it is right that those who work receive its merits too!

If you design or simply draw jewelry, keep an eye on our website to be able to find your space in our community!