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Misis was born in Vicenza, a renowned Palladian city where, thanks also to the influences of the nearby cities of Venice and Milan, a rich production of goldsmiths developed in the last century, thus making Vicenza the world capital of jewelery. In this dynamic context, MISIS was born thanks to the creativity of Maria Ester, Bruno's entrepreneurship and their common passion for jewelry. The goal is to give silver an added value that allows it to become an object of fine jewelry. Today, Misis is in its second generation with his son Alberto who continues the family tradition and the passion for high quality jewels; new collections always inspired by nature and its various facets: special jewels for exclusive distribution. Inside the production laboratory today precious objects take shape with attention to every detail and permeated with imaginative intuitions. Precious stones, iridescent enamels, silver and gold give life to shapes that each time recall the geometric rigor or spontaneity of nature. Misis combines styles and creates objects full of instinct and passion that are well matched to new fashion trends as well as to the elegant lines of timeless classics.

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