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FrancoP&Sons is more than a jewelry brand: it is a celebration of art, natural luxury and elegance. Led by artist Franco Pianegonda, this brand embodies the essence of Italian craftsmanship, in Vicenza, the city of gold.

Franco personally designs each jewel, which is then transformed into reality thanks to the expert skills of Vicenza artisans. FrancoP&Sons jewels are created in gold, silver, precious and semi-precious stones. Each creation is a masterpiece, made with unparalleled craftsmanship.

FrancoP&Sons is not simply a name, it is a family of shared values.

The term "Sons" represents the unity of purpose between Franco and those who choose and wear his jewels, embracing the entire production cycle. It is a corporate philosophy that reflects an Italian and international point of view for a lifestyle of art, natural luxury and refinement. Every individual involved shares the same principles of ethics, values ​​and ambitions, transforming the brand into a cohesive community.

The vision of the brand is a global vision, given by the creator Franco Pianegonda who lived in an international family, who traveled the world and who loves multiculturalism.

The jewels of the brand are divided into 4 mental spaces, the four lines (FRANCOPIANE, CHARACTER, JET’AIMENOW, PNG68), each of which is specific to a certain type of public, giving the final consumer the possibility to choose the jewel that best represents them.

FrancoP&Sons is a declaration of quality and work ethic, whose jewels have the desire to create a lifestyle that expresses the emancipation, elegance, sophistication of women and the character, strength but also the sensitivity of men.

FrancoP&Sons is above all a family. We share the same ethics, the same values ​​and the same ambitions.

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