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Venezianico was born in 2017 with the name of Meccaniche Veneziane, thanks to the entrepreneurial initiative of Alberto and Alessandro Morelli. The idea behind the project was to create automatic watches that celebrated the city of Venice through the customization of the rotor, the particular mechanical component that characterizes this type of watch.

The products we manufacture today are the result of a progressive maturation of the ideas underlying our projects. By now, the distinctive character of our watches can no longer be summed up in the decoration of a single component, but involves the entire creative process, from the study of the shapes, to the choice of materials, to the management of production, to best reflect the values that distinguish Venice in the world.

Venezianico maintains continuity with the past, going beyond the simple homage to the city of Venice. Our watches, through an iconic design and innovative design solutions, want to embody the Venetian spirit in the round, its pioneering, its innovative and pragmatic character, its search for beauty.

Venezianico expresses a way of being, a way of thinking that goes beyond the boundaries of the city of Venice and, at the same time, encompasses all the values that inspire us

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