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  In the 90s, a very young Gaetano Vitiello made his love for Torre del Greco and his strong passion for the goldsmith's art a profession that will accompany him to this day and consecrate him among the most authoritative personalities in the sector.


With the enthusiasm and passion of his children, Ilaria and Pasquale, he founded "Gaetano Vitiello Jewelry".

The company is constantly committed to offering its customers a product that is always new, original and trendy, without forgetting the more classic and refined tastes.


Made in Torre del Greco

Craftsmanship, refinement of materials and attention to detail make each jewel signed by Gaetano Vitiello an exclusive and refined piece.


Coral, in its variants from the Mediterranean to Japan, cameos engraved on Sardonic or Corneola shells and freshwater pearls, represent the raw materials used for the creations.


Any slight imperfection or difference in style testifies to the high manual skills with which the Master Craftsmen of Torre del Greco create unique works of high artistic value.

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