Manuela Telesca

Manuela Telesca and the art applied to the jewel

The design, signed by Manuela Telesca, is constantly evolving. A constant focus on functionality and the pursuit of beauty. The goal of "wandering" in developing forms / archetypes that deviate from the usual and already seen prevails.

The productions made to date, refined elaborations that enhance a multifaceted femininity, full of interests, bold and sensitive that chooses to identify, wearing them, jewels designed for a never banal everyday life. Because Manuela Telesca does not go along with the trends of the moment, but rich in her rich imagery, proposes them.

For over twenty years with registered trademark, logo and models, the designer - manufacturer, has been creating high-end unique pieces and various collections designed to be customized and produced either in gold, or in silver or bronze with precious or semi-precious stones.

Peculiarity of the productions made to date, it is considered significant, to have worked (among other things) on aspects that have traced points of contact between times, materials, techniques and places. Look for traces of the signifier, with the awareness that it is worth even more than the signified.

And it was this awareness that led for some collections to draw inspiration from her land, Basilicata, a magnetic land from which she draws great inspirational strength, and to which she dedicated some collections of jewels, recounting the territories, from the burnt and almost moon of the Calanchi, the tuff houses of Matera, the peaks of the Lucanian Dolomites and in this regard the art historian Merisabell Calitri, said that: NO ONE HAD MADE BASILICATA JEWEL BEFORE.

And this is how she tells it:

Manuela Telesca is a woman creator and artist. she is Artifice because she mades. She is an artist because she creates "

In her laboratory, she shapes matter and makes it shape, line, content, color.

The metal lights up, the gold, silver and bronze shine and she translates her essence. Then it is a fusion of instinct and the jewel of art, it plays to become miniature sculpture.

Nothing is already seen, static, or obsolete among Manuela's creations. Each line is cubist and futurist at the same time, multifaceted, in continuous motion, sensitive to light as an impressionist painting, as full of content and propulsion as the most arduous of the avant-gardes. Her collections are contemporary, attentive to fashion, the real one, the one that remains, which is a permanent must, refined, sensual and captivating at the same time.

Manuela Telesca's very current art is the sense of the contemporary that she does not forget and that lends itself to being worn with the simplicity that beauty deserves.

Merisabell Calitri Art historian

Manuela Telesca and the art applied to the jewel | Gioiellitaly

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