For over 30 years, the Inscintille family has cultivated and nurtured a passion for precious materials, transforming them into creations that convey messages of beauty, love and a deep bond with their roots.

The Neapolitan artisan jewelry is interpreted and revisited by this company always in step with the times.

The aspiration is the creation of a real community of admirers of the Campania jewel and the message it conveys: ideals, beliefs and merits of a city and a people.

The Neapolitan goldsmith tradition, handed down from father to son and declined by expert craftsmen in the various creations, blends and blends with the innovation brought by young designers from Campania, giving life to current jewels with a well-defined personality.

Inscintille offers elegant, characterful and timeless collections: characteristics appreciated by people who come into contact with the company and which are also spread in Italy and abroad.

Inscintille is empathy: observes, listens and understands people's feelings and emotions and, at every stage of the production process, keeps all these factors in mind and then manages to transform them into jewels

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