Maurizio Vitagliano

Women are not all the same but beauty always brings everyone together. Maurizio Vitagliano is well aware that with his creations he offers the most intriguing and sensual side of the classic.

A positive trend therefore for a company that has placed professionalism and quality at the forefront of its guidelines.

The production process is entirely entrusted to the artisans of his workshop at the Il Tarì Goldsmith Center. It is here that step by step, starting from the project, we arrive at the magic of a jewel studded with precious gems (all strictly certified), the elegance of a trilogy, the delicacy of a light point.

Maurizio Vitagliano is a Made in Italy that has retained an ever-growing clientele with whom he loves to relate to never disappoint his expectations.

Maurizio Vitagliano | Gioiellitaly

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